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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Clyde Area Bee Breeders at The Green Dream

West Dunbartonshire is sponsoring a month long environment awareness action - “The Green Dream”. The event will run from 15/5/10 until 16/6/10 encompassing numerous environmental activities involving the community of West Dunbartonshire.

The ambitious programme hopes to stimulate local interest in such activities as listed below. The theme of Beekeeping took pride of place and was one of the first events to occur on the programme

Ivan Breydin and Eric McArthur, members of the Clyde Area Bee Breeders Group, set up a Pagoda Tent and a variety of posters with bee a keeping theme at Overtoun House, Milton, Dumbartonshire on 11^th May. This event was at the invitation of the West Dunbartonshire Council and the County Biodiversity Officer in conjunction with the culmination of the successful “Sugar Bag Donation” Project carried out with the blessing of the East and West Dunbartonshire councils.

The weather on the day was not particularly favourable, initially and the pagoda got blown about a bit in the wind and rain. We persevered and that paid off – the rain stopped, the wind dropped and the sun came out and produced a beautiful sunny warm afternoon. While not inundated with visitors we managed to initiate a number of intrepid visitors who had braved the initial wicked weather, into the mysteries and magic of beekeeping and beekeeping equipment use. Events such as these are extremely useful to maintain public interest in bees and to reinforce the need for the general public to support beekeeping initiatives in word and deed.

Eric McArthur

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

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